Letters From The Other Side

JeremiahJeremiah, Marcus and Erin are reunited in cells in Valhalla Sector, where Marcus is ruthlessly interrogated about his involvement in an “attempt to overthrow the United States government.” Jeremiah, on the other hand, is escorted to a personal meeting with the man who seems to be in control of that government. The President asks Jeremiah to talk his father into revealing the secrets of the out-of-control bioweapon that the world knows as the Big Death – but, if Jeremiah refuses to cooperate, his life will be used as a pawn to force his father to tell the President what he knows. Jeremiah is reunited with his father, meeting his research assistant Libby in the process, but both men know that their reunion has put them in a dangerous position: the President’s men won’t touch Devon, but as a bargaining chip, Jeremiah is expendable – and the moment he talks, so is Devon.

In the meantime, Kurdy is still on the run from Valhalla Sector search parties and helicopters, and he meets a man who claims that God wants Kurdy to stop running and surrender. Kurdy keeps running until he’s cornered – by none other than Lee Chen, Marcus’ traitorous right-hand-man. But now Lee claims to be working for Jeremiah’s father, and wants to return to Thunder Mountain with Marcus’ help. Lee wants to use Megan, the Big Death-infected woman living in Thunder Mountain’s isolation lab, as a way to secure the release of Valhalla Sector’s prisoners – and if it means saving Marcus’ life, Megan is willing to hand herself over. But the shadow government within Valhalla Sector doesn’t want Megan or Devon’s research to contain the Big Death. They want the ability to selectively deploy the disease as a weapon to ensure their dominance over the world.

Season 2 Regular Cast: Luke Perry (Jeremiah), Malcolm Jamal-Warner (Kurdy), Joanne Kelly (Liberty “Libby” Kaufman), Sean Astin (Mister Smith)

Order the DVDswritten by J. Michael Straczynski
series based on the comic book by Hermann Huppen
directed by Martin Wood
music by Tim Truman
series main theme by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Marcus), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Byron Lawson (Lee Chen), Michael David Simms (General), Robert Wisden (Devon), Suzy Joachim (Megan), Robert Foxworth (The President), Garfield Wilson (Cell Guard), Robin Mossley (Interrogator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green