Space PrecinctThe death of an armed street thug draws the attention of Brogan and Haldane, especially since there are no signs of a struggle – indicating that telekinesis may be the murder weapon. After he’s questioned in the death, a rival thug and several of his cohorts are killed in the same way: their hearts – human or alien – are accelerated until they burst inside their chests. It soon becomes obvious that there’s a new face in charge of crime on the streets, and it’s not a human one. One alien offers to come forward with information, but he dies in a suspicious accident before he can talk. Brogan closes in on a likely suspect, but even under questioning, he won’t talk either – and he certainly isn’t talking about the mysterious (and conveniently mute) alien girl taking shelter in his apartment. Brogan is alarmed when his wife Sally offers to let the alien girl stay at their home, since nothing is known about her. Only too late, Brogan discovers that the missing murder weapon is in his own home with his wife and children.

written by Marc Scott Zicree
directed by Sidney Hayers
music by Crispin Merrell

Guest Cast: Andrew Tiernan (Andy Sturgeon), Jade Punt (Vala), Tom Radcliffe (Nick), Kazia Pelka (Madam), Nic Klein (Matt Brogan), Megan Olive (Liz Brogan), Richard James (Orrin), David Quilter (Fredo), Jerome Willis (Podly), Mary Woodvine (Took), Leigh Tinkler (Lurzan), Rob Thirtle (Trask), Andy Dawson (Skeevan), Gary Martin (voice of Slomo)

Notes: Apparently the police code for a shootout is “1701,” surely nothing to do with a certain other SF series for which Marc Scott Zicree had written in recent years. Zicree has also scripted episodes of Babylon 5 and The New Twilight Zone.