Time To Kill

Space PrecinctA raid on a counterfeiting operation that Brogan and his team have been watching for a long time goes disastrously wrong. The counterfeiters are better armed than expected, and even after they’re disarmed, they have a doomsday weapon – an unstoppable cyborg whose armor isn’t even dented by concentrated firepower. Took is wounded in action, and a wet-behind-the-ears new counterfeiter is critically injured when he’s knocked into an acid vat. Both of them are hospitalized, but the cyborg makes another appearance, killing both survivors. Brogan makes the pursuit of the cyborg his personal crusade, but the pursuit becomes deadly to everyone around him: the cyborg blasts Brogan’s police cruiser, and Haldane’s ejection seat doesn’t work, forcing him to press Brogan’s ejection button; the senior cop is helpless to watch as Haldane dies trying to land the ship without causing any civilian casualties. The cyborg infiltrates the precinct itself, killing most of Brogan’s fellow space police, including Officer Castle. Brogan hustles his family into hiding and waits for the cyborg to come after him, only to find that incide the armored suit is a familiar face with a time-twisting tale.

written by Hans Beimler & Richard Manning
directed by Alan Birkinshaw
music by Crispin Merrell

Guest Cast: Stephen Billington (Ross), Nic Klein (Matt Brogan), Megan Olive (Liz Brogan), Nigel Gregory (Tamsin), Alison Rose (Dr. Grant), Glenn Space PrecinctMarks (Cyborg), Jerome Willis (Podly), David Quilter (Fredo), Mary Woodvine (Took), Richard James (Orrin), Lou Hirsch (Romek), Rob Thirtle (Zipload), Will Barton (Drako), Gary Martin (voice of Slomo)

Notes: Hans Beimler and Richard Manning wrote, as a team, episodes of Fame, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beyond Reality and TekWar, and were staff writers on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Beimler went on to produce series such as The Profiler, The Dresden Files and The Middleman, while Manning wrote several episodes of Farscape and became one of that show’s executive producers.