Double Duty

Space PrecinctBrogan and Haldane tail a crime lord back to his hideout, but when he and his henchmen are brutally murdered as the cops wait outside, they can find no suspect, and there’s only one survivor who seems to be little more than the dead criminal’s paramour. Traces of a life-extending drug are found, and that leads to an alien dealer who can only be identified by the woman who survived the massacre. When that criminal is also killed violently, uncomfortable questions surface: why is it that this is only happening to the suspects being tailed by Brogan and Haldane? The next move in their investigation might bring the killer right into the heart of the police headquarters.

written by J. Larry Carroll & David Bennett Carren
directed by Colin Bucksey
music by Crispin Merrell

Guest Cast: Nickolas Grace (Nissim), Lana Citron (Aleesha), Matyelok Gibbs (Bag Lady), Nic Klein (Matt Brogan), Megan Olive (Liz Brogan), Richard James (Orrin), David Quilter (Fredo), Jerome Willis (Podly), Mary Woodvine (Took), Idris Elba (Delivery Man), Nitzan Sharron (Inazy), Richard Ashton (Retainer #1), Leigh Tinkler (Alien Killer), Rob Thirtle (Torrance), Andy Dawson (Piru), Gary Martin (voice of Slomo)

Notes: The writing team of J. Larry Carroll and David Bennett Carren has also penned episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stargate SG-1, among other series. On both Space Precinct and ST:TNG, the two served as story editors.

LogBook entry by Earl Green