Babylon 5With a visit from the recently re-elected President of the Earth Alliance looming in the immediate future, preparations are in full swing, including maintenance on a docking area which will be the home of a new fighter squadron being brought to Babylon 5 by the President. An explosion in this area brings the President’s chief of security, a woman whose father was killed in an incident 17 years ago engineered by criminals to frame Garibaldi, aboard the station to investigate. A dying worker points the finger at Garibaldi for planting the bomb that damaged the fighter bay, and the President’s security chief pronounces Garibaldi a fugitive from justice. Though he is on the run, Garibaldi puts his life on the line by continuing to investigate the real cause of the explosion as the President’s visit draws near.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by Mark Scott Zicree
directed by Jim Johnston
music by Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Elaine Thomas (Lianna Kemmer), Tom Donaldson (Cutter), David Austin Cook (Special Agent #1), David Crowley (Lou Welch), Maggie Egan (INS Reporter), Jose Rosario (Nolan), Robin Wake (Young Lianna), Mark Hendrickson (Alien #1), Rod Perry (General Netter), Marianne Robertson (Tech #1), Mark Ginther (Dagool)

Original title: A Knife In The Shadows

LogBook entry by Earl Green