Hostile Visit

Space: Above And BeyondA pitched battle is fought in the Saratoga’s immediate vicinity, and the ship narrowly escapes. Another ship, however, doesn’t escape – the 58th captures a Chig fighter intact. Careful examination of the alien ship reveals that it takes its orders directly from its pilot’s nervous system, and that it came from a system outside of the Chigs’ usual territories. McQueen thinks that the 58th can learn to pilot the Chig ship and use it to attack the Chigs from within, and training begins immediately. But even though they manage to get the ship as far as the Chig planet of Kazbek, things go disastrously wrong and the Wild Cards are forced to ditch their ship. And if Commodore Ross plans on taking the Saratoga to Kazbek to rescue them, he can expect heavy resistance.

Order the DVDwritten by Peyton Webb
directed by Thomas J. Wright
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Michael Mantell (Howard Sewell), David Gardner (Klein), Melissa Bowen (Lt. Stroud), Randy Mulkey (Donne), Steve Lanza (Loading bay crewman), Sharon Washington (Crew Chief), Dan Rice (M.P.), Jim Anzide (Krantz), Wiley Pickett (Marine #1), Billy Mayo (Webb), John Carlos Frey (“Now” Marine), Steven Jang (Connor), Garon Grigsby (Aerotech engineer), Susan Vee (Gates)

LogBook entry by Earl Green