Space: Above And BeyondWhen the 58th is forced to scrub a mission because their fighters haven’t been prepped, they begin to feel uneasy. This suspicion grows as stranger things begin happening – including a surveillance device found in the cockpit of Vansen’s ship. The presence of high-level visitors aboard the Saratoga adds to their paranoia. All of their ships have been bugged, as it turns out, but when those bugs are removed, a routine escort mission becomes a firefight. Is someone in the command ranks trying to take out the 58th?

Order the DVDwritten by Howard Grigsby
directed by Jesus Trevino
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Ronald G. Joseph (General Oliver Radford), Tim Hutchinson (Military Officer), David A. R. White (Ensign Lewis), Edmund L. Shaff (Chaplain), Eric Whitmore (Commando), Pato Hoffmann (James Dark Moon), Christopher Kirby (Technician), Robert Crow (Officer Crow), Onico Edain (Colonel)

LogBook entry by Earl Green