The Angriest Angel

Space: Above And BeyondThe rumors about Chiggy Von Richtoven have fast become fact – the alien flying ace is all to real and far too deadly. When a potential new weapon to use against the alien’s stealthier-than-usual fighter is developed, McQueen personally volunteers to take the point, going head to head with Chiggy Von Richtoven. Ross refuses permission, and McQueen takes it upon himself to perform this duty anyway…but is he prepared for the possibility that this new weapon may not work, and he could become the latest victim of the alien warrior?

Order the DVDwritten by Glen Morgan & James Wong
directed by Henri Safran
music by Shirley Walker

Guest Cast: Doug Hutchison (Elroy EL), Robert Crow (Controller), Tasia Valenza (Winslow), Randy Stone (Spud), Michael Mantell (Howard Sewell), David Ramsey (Supervisor), Charmin Lee (Colonel Schrader), James Black (Security Operator), Gunther Jensen (Engineer), David St. James (Broden), John L. Bennett (Guard), Edmund Shaff (Chaplain), Dane Farwell (Technician), David Jean Thomas (Alcott), William Bradberry Jr. (Gunnery Sergeant), Rob Elk (Mr. Saber)

LogBook entry by Earl Green