For Sale – Silence

Orson Welles' Great MysteriesMr. Pennington and his mistress check into a hotel room for a night, watched at a discrete distance by a man who checks into the room next door with recording equipment. That man, Briggs, contacts Pennington later to extort him; for £10,000, Briggs will sit on the photos and sound recordings of Pennington’s tryst, but if they can’t come to an arrangement, that evidence will come to light and ruin Pennington’s life. But Pennington is a high-level employee of an electronics company and has invented surveillance gear of his own…enough to turn the tables on Mr. Briggs and turn his life upside-down.

Orson Welles' Great Mysteriesteleplay by David Ambrose
based on a story by Don Knowlton
directed by Peter Sykes
theme music by John Barry

Cast: Jaack Cassidy (Pennington), Ed Devereaux (Hamilton Briggs), Rona Newton-John (The Woman), Linda Liles (Hotel Receptionist), Harold Goodwin (Hotel Porter), Margaret Burton (Secretary)

LogBook entry by Earl Green