The Astro Medics

The StarlostDevon, Garth and Rachel wander into an area called the sonic computer section, where a sonic chamber’s powerful sound waves stun Garth after he stumbles into it. Devon goes into the chamber to pull Garth out, but becomes trapped himself for a longer period of time. When Devon is rescued from the sonic chamber, he’s comatose. Rachel asks the Ark’s computer to summon help, and both she and Garth are stunned when uniformed medics arrive mere moments later. They put Devon on a stretcher and take him to the mobile hospital aboard their shuttle, Medical Module 7, which launched from a medical biosphere. Devon is diagnosed with brain damage, but an operation – though risky – could restore him. But the chief doctor of Medical Module 7 is distracted when a distress call is received from an alien vessel. Judging the aliens to have a much better chance then Devon of putting Earthship Ark on a safe course, the doctor decides to leave Devon to his fate and rush to the aliens’ aid instead – even if it means that Medical Module 7 will travel so far from the Ark that it cannot return.

Get this season on DVDwritten by Paul Schnieder
directed by George McCowan
music by Score Productions Ltd.

Guest Cast: Stephen Young (Dr. Chris Trask), Budd Knapp (Dr. Martin Trask), Meg Hogarth (Dr. Jean Pelletier), Bill Kemp (Captain), Michael Zenon (Commander), David Mann (Astrogator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green