What’s The Frequency, Kolchak?

Night StalkerKolchak tries to follow a lead related to several missing persons cases, only to find himself in a trap laid by a man named Paul Krieger, who claims he was institutionalized with Kolchak over a year earlier. Kolchak remembers being institutionalized after the death of his wife, but doesn’t remember Krieger – and doesn’t know how to respond to Krieger’s insistent ravings that Kolchak’s articles contain coded messages meant for him and him alone. Kolchak is cuffed and chained to a wheelchair, powerless to do anything but listen to Krieger tell him about “the old man” who lives at the end of the hallway in Krieger’s house – and in Krieger’s head. When Krieger’s mental health caseworker arrives, Kolchak asks him to call for help, but the caseworker is captured too – and before Krieger murders him, the caseworker warns Kolchak that Krieger was on day release from the institution when Kolchak’s wife was killed.

Order the DVDswritten by Vince Gilligan
directed by Colin Buckley
music by Michael Wandmacher

Guest Cast: Pat Healy (Paul Krieger), Reggie Lee (Stanley Kim)

LogBook entry by Earl Green