Alpha Male

InvasionWeeks after the hurricane, Homestead is still under a quarantine that has the forceful backing of Sheriff Underlay. But at the next routinely scheduled press conference, which is increasingly becoming a forum for residents to voice their concerns as well, Russell challenges Underlay’s quarantine declaration, and once he voices that objection, others speak up too. Underlay backs down and opens the city to the rest of the world. Russell goes to check on a ranger station that hasn’t checked in, and finds it manned by a corpse – a diseased one by the look of it. That particular station monitored primates in captivity, and all of those specimens have escaped, possibly carrying the disease. Russell and the sheriff uneasily team up to track down the recapture them, but even then, the disease has spready among other people in Homestead – and has possibly already achieved epidemic status. And without the quarantine in place, there’s nothing to stop it from spreading further.

Order this DVDwritten by Juan Carlos Coto
directed by Sergio Mimica Gezzan
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Deputy Lewis Sirk), Lisa Jane Persky (Disheveled woman), Jeff Perry (Terrence Gale), James Carraway (Roger Weeks), Christine Healy (Dr. Bates), Holmes Osborne (Mayor Littles), Jim Cantafio (FPL manager), R.C. Shivers (COC woman), Jake Richardson (Gage), Michael Mitchell (Derek), James Sharpe (Frank Riegert), Peggy Dunne (Dottie Petrie), Kimleigh Smith (Nurse Kim), Katy Yeakey (Feverish girl), Bob Morrisey (Lawrence Burley), Joshua Gomez (Larkin’s cameraman)

Notes: Writer Juan Carlos Coto is the younger brother of Manny Coto, creator of Odyssey 5 and executive producer of Star Trek: Enterprise’s last two seasons.

LogBook entry by Earl Green