Fish Story

InvasionConvinced that someone from the Air Force base has been trailing her since she slipped into an unauthorized area, Larkin takes a sudden detour to get away from her pursuers, and winds up rolling her SUV. When she doesn’t report to work and misses a live broadcast, Russell and Dave set out to search for her. Larkin, injured in the wreck, manages to free herself and tries to find help or transport; the first car she finds is occupied by the decomposing body of its driver, impaled through the chest by an airborne tree branch during the hurricane. Even when she overcomes her revulsion enough to remove the body from the car, Larkin can’t get the car to start. She flags down a truck and demands that the driver take her to the hospital so she and the baby can be checked out, but the driver, a man who claims to be a Haitian fisherman, has other plans. And when Russell and Dave find that Sheriff Underlay insists on helping in the search for Larkin, they can’t help but wonder what his plans are as well.

Order this DVDwritten by Michael Alaimo & Juan Carlos Coto
directed by Rod Holcomb
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Joshua Gomez (Scott), Allan Louis (Gerard), Jake Eberle (Man)

Note: The legend at the beginning of the episode notes that, at this point, only 14 days have passed since Hurricane Eve struck in the pilot episode.

LogBook entry by Earl Green