Night StalkerA woman’s body is found in a public park, covered with bite marks that don’t match any kind of wildlife known in the area. When the coroner seems uninterested in the bite marks, Kolchak and Perri pester him until he takes a closer look, and finds a needle mark hidden within a freckle on the victim’s body. When Jain looks into the newspaper’s archives, he discovers that there was a trio of similar deaths dating back at least to 1970. When Kolchak tracks down a retired police detective who worked the 1970 case, he’s told that the killer committed suicide. Research turns up another series of three deaths of women, all from horrific bite marks, in 1935 as well. But even further examination of that death turns up more questions, until it becomes clear to Kolchak that someone involved with investigating the crimes is helping to cover the killer’s tracks – and the killer may be older than anyone realizes.

Order the DVDswritten by William Schmidt
directed by Jim Hayman
music by Michael Wandmacher

Guest Cast: Mira Furlan (Marlene Harmon), Kevin Rahm (Dr. Aaron Shields), Eugene Byrd (Alex Nyby), Alex Datcher (Mrs. Reed), Robin Pearson Rose (Mr. Reed), Michael Fairman (Detective Collins), Michael Potter (Detective), Stephen Tobolowsky (Titus), Michael Warren (Marlene’s date), Helen Costa (Marlene body double), Dennis Howard (Observing detective), Alex Ruiz (College kid), Kasey Wilson (Jennifer Owens)

Notes: Mira Furlan is best known to genre fans for playing the part of Minbari Ambassador Delenn from Babylon 5‘s pilot movie through its final episode (during which she was well acquainted with wearing a bald cap). Alex Datcher sparred with a fellow officer on the bridge of the Enterprise in the final Star Trek: The Next Generation season finale cliffhanger, Descent Part II. This episode was not aired during the show’s original run on ABC, though it appeared later on DVD and the Sci-Fi Channel; the airdate listed here is from its first Sci-Fi broadcast.

LogBook entry by Earl Green