Max HeadroomEdison tries to find out more about Zik Zak’s latest promotional gimmick, the free Neurostim bracelets given away with every Zik Zak burger pack. Whatever it’s doing, it’s certainly driven sales of the burgers sky-high. But Edison’s prying isn’t necessarily welcomed by Zik Zak, and since they’re Network 23’s corporate sponsors, they set out to derail his investigative report by making sure he receives a particularly addictive one. As Edison soon discovers for himself, Neurostim is a mental narcotic, granting its users any dream they wish, at least in their own minds. Bryce thinks the only way to help Edison shake off his Neurostim addiction is to restore his personality by patching Max through the bracelet…but Edison is tired of competing with Max for attention, even in his dreams.

written by Arthur Sellers and Michael Cassutt
directed by Maurice Phillips
music by Michael Hoenig

Max HeadroomGuest Cast: Sab Shimono (Pat Zein), Hank Garrett (?), Lee Wilkof (?), Sharon Barr (?), Jim Piddock (Mr. Kelly), Evan Kim (Mr. Chen), Jacque Lynn Colion (Burger Lady), Edward Wiley (Zik Zak Waiter), Michael Margotta (Sully), Martin Azarow (Punk), Billy Beck (Frank Knight), Roger Hampton (Sgt. Compton), Michael Strasser (Scumball Announcer), Joan Severance (Edison’s dream girl), Julie McCullough (?), Tom Dugan (?), Michael Dobo (?), Frank Kahlil Wheaton (?), Saida Pagan (?)

LogBook entry by Earl Green