Suns and Lovers

FarscapeThe crew visits a commerce station to spend some of their profits from the Shadow Depository heist when a sudden storm hits, sending wreckage flying throughout the bar and trapping Moya in a mess of mooring cables. Aeryn raises the possibility of a physical relationship with John while Chiana and Jothee try to keep their own intimate encounters a secret from D’Argo. The crew discover that there are children trapped in another part of the station; Aeryn and Crichton set off to rescue them while Zhaan tends to the injured barkeeper. One of the cryogenic chambers from the ice planet opens; while Jothee is trying to figure out if the occupant overheard any of his most recent dalliance, said occupant has a sudden seizure and dies. He may not be the only one; another storm is heading their way, and it looks like someone on the station has a death wish – the storm is being summoned by a signal from inside.

Order the DVDswritten by Justin Monjo
directed by Andrew Prowse
music by Guy Gross

Guest Cast: Matt Newton (Jothee), Leanna Walsmann (Borlik), Thomas Holesgrove (Moordil), Jessica Fallico (Alien Girl), David Lucas (Cryoman)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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