Grossberg’s Return

Max HeadroomThe latest telelection is upon the public, and a vicious mudslinging war is being waged on the airwaves by incumbent Simon Peller and rival candidate Harriet Garth. Network 23 is squarely in Peller’s court, but Garth is being backed by Network 66 – where Ned Grossberg, the unscrupulous ex-Network 23 executive who was ousted after the Blipvert scandal, is slowly taking control. While Edison and Murray fight to keep 23’s coverage above the war of words, Grossberg is playing all sides against the middle, and his aim is to take over Network 66 from the inside, not to propel a particular candidate into office. And if that means engineering a political scandal that not only takes down Garth, but destroys the career of Edison Carter as well, Grossberg won’t hesitate to do it.

written by Steve Roberts
directed by Janet Greek
music by Michael Hoenig

Max HeadroomGuest Cast: Charles Rocket (Ned Grossberg), Caroline Kava (Harriet Garth), Hank Garrett (?), Lee Wilkoff (Pat Zein), Sharon Barr (?), Howard Sherman (Simon Peller), Rosalind Chao (Angie Barry), Andreas Katsulas (Bartlett), Brett Porter (?), Stephen Elliott (Thatcher), Karen Hensel (?), James F. Dean (?), John Hamelin (?), Donald Burda (?), Lisa Peders (?), Rachelle Ottley (?), Brian Little (?), J. Jay Smith (?), Saida Pagan (?)

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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