LexxNorb – a child space pilot rescued from the Guleen family by Kai – encounters a brightly-colored, candy cane-shaped space station which turns out to be an incredibly large number of Mantrid’s camouflaged drone arms. As the drones attach themselves to Norb’s ship, he ejects the pilot’s seat and sends a distress signal. Kai and Xev, in a moth, find Norb drifting alone in space and bring him back to the Lexx. Despite his rescue, Norb is neither friendly nor eager to answer anyone’s questions. After delivering a message – “let the contest begin” – from Mantrid, Norb reveals his true colors: he died in deep space, his body replaced or infested by the drone arms. Several arms manipulating what’s left of Norb’s body scatter inside the Lexx, and while Kai destroys some of them, others escape the reach of Lexx’s internal sensors. When Stan goes looking for the remaining drone, he finds it – and several identical drone arms that it has built in the short time that has passed. Even when Kai arrives to save Stan, it quickly becomes apparent that there are still more of Mantrid’s drones aboard, and they are replicating themselves by the hundred in short order, using Lexx’s own raw material. Stan, Xev and Kai evacuate Lexx in one of the moths as the drones overrun the ship – but now how will they get back into the Lexx?

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan
directed by Paul Donovan
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Dieter Laser (Mantrid), Brandon McCarvell (Norb), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Tom Gallant (Lexx)

LogBook entry by Earl Green