LexxIn the wake of Kai’s killing of His Divine Shadow, the essence of the Shadow returns to the Cluster and instigates a genocidal slaughter of the billions of humans living there. The flesh and muscle of those killed is used to feed a processing plant which is creating a gigantic host brain that will house the Shadow for all time: the Gigashadow.

Aboard the Lexx, Zev is desperately seeking a way to save Kai – his supply of protoblood is running critically low, and he’s fast running out of options. Zev convinces Stan to return Lexx to the Light Universe via the fractal core, but when they find that the Cluster has been left barren, Zev’s hopes fall – as does Kai, suffering from frequent blackouts due to a lack of protoblood. Waiting in orbit – and unaware that almost everyone in the Cluster has been slaughtered – Stanley broadcasts a signal in a desperate attempt to clear his name, and attracts attention of the worst kind. On the Cluster, all hints point toward the coming of the Gigashadow, both as an apocalyptic event in the near future and as the one source of protoblood remaining. But when the Gigashadow arises, even larger than the Lexx and invulnerable to the ship’s weaponry, how can Zev stop the beginning of the end – or keep Kai from dying forever?

Order the DVDswritten by Jeffrey Hirschfield with Paul Donovan and Lex Gigeroff
directed by Robert Sigl
music by Marty Simon

Cast: Brian Downey (Stanley Tweedle), Eva Habermann (Zev), Michael McManus (Kai), Malcolm McDowell (Yottskry), Andy Jones (Smoor), Michael GigashadowHabeck (Feppo), Walter Borden (Divine Shadow), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Anna Cameron (Time Prophet), David Renton (Soshua), Robert Sigl (Petrif / Giant), Jamie Bradley (Jood), Michael Petersen (790 Robot / Squish), Jim Petrie (Gorrett), Cherie Devanney (Kyyra), Joel Sapp (Bleeding Cleric), John Dunsworth (Running Man), Jennifer Overton (Customer Officer), Mariana Sim (Dancing Twin), Lenuta Sim (Dancing Twin), Sanjay Talwar (Honar), Shaun Clark (Reteep), David Woods (Yoyal), David McClelland (Benediction Cleric), Lionel Doucette (Judge)

LogBook entry by Earl Green