Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Star Trek: Deep Space NineStardate not given: On the eve of a trip to Romulus for a conference and seminar on the Dominion, Bashir is visited by Sloan, who wants him to gather data on the Romulan leadership. Sisko advises Bashir that this might be a good way to learn more about Section 31 as well. At the conference, Sloan tells Bashir that he is to diagnose Chairman Koval of the Tal Shiar, who is suspected to have a disease called Tuvan syndrome. Believing that Sloan may be planning to use the disease as a cover to assassinate Koval, Bashir has no one to turn to except a Romulan senator.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Ronald D. Moore
directed by David Livingston
music by Dennis McCarthy

Guest Cast: Andrew J. Robinson (Garak), Adrienne Barbeau (Cretak), John Fleck (Koval), Barry Jenner (Admiral Ross), Hal Landon Jr. (Neral), William Sadler (Sloan), Cynthia Graham (Wheeler), Joe Reynolds (Hickam)

Notes: The U.S.S. Bellepheron is an Intrepid class starship, meaning that the producers could cut costs by shooting on the standing sets of its fellow Intrepid class ship, Voyager. The episode’s title is Latin for “in times of war, the law falls silent.”

LogBook entry by Tracy Hemenover