LexxXev finds Stan passed out on Lexx’s flight deck, and 790 says he’s been out cold for over nine hours. 790 diagnoses Stan with a terminal illness and, atypically, expresses concern for Stan’s well-being – primarily because Lyekka is still aboard the Lexx in her dormant plant form, and would eat Xev if she woke up hungry and couldn’t eat Stan first. Xev transmits a medical distress call and receives a promising reply from the planet Ruuma, whose ecosphere is said to restore health to its inhabitants. The signal leads Xev, Kai and Stan to an island castle, where an odd family of three is eager to begin Stan’s treatment – and none too eager to finish it. Kai goes exploring on the island to see if a legend concerning the discarded bodies of the Divine Predecessors is true. As it turns out, Xev’s suspicions about their hosts and Kai’s rumor both turn out to be true: the leftover host bodies of His Divine Shadow stalk Ruuma by night as zombies, and Stan’s would-be healers only want to steal the Lexx. Things get worse when Xev is bitten by one of the zombies while trying to protect the weakened Stan – and begins transforming into one of them – while Kai begins to exhibit very unusual personality quirks and can no longer defend his crewmates.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan, Lex Gigeroff and Jeffrey Hirschfield
directed by Chris Bould
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Louis Del Grande (Roada), Mary Walsh (Heedia), Louise Wischermann (Lyekka), Jeffrey Hirschfield (790), Tom Gallant (Lexx), Lauren Abraham (Lomea), Christian Murray (792)

LogBook entry by Earl Green