Run And Gun

InvasionAs Hurricane Miranda approaches Homestead, Russell and Sheriff Underlay find that the hybrids seem to be ahead of the rest of the population in getting ready. At work, Larkin is frustrated to find that hybrids operating within the local government and media are actively working to keep the public in the dark about the danger. And unknown to Underlay, his own daughter is helping Szura, hoping that he can help Sirk. With another invasion imminent, Russell and Underlay both decide to get their families out of Homestead, though Underlay finds that he’s having to resort to extreme measures to accomplish this, even killing one of his own deputies – a hybrid working for Szura – in cold blood. But just as the Varons and Underlays are about to escape Homestead as the hurricane bears down on them, the families are still torn apart – Dave insists on remaining at home to document the next appearance of the lights and prove the existence of aliens once and for all, while Russell and Tom stay behind to fight out the endgame with Szura.

Order this DVDwritten by Juan Carlos Coto & Michael Foley
directed by Sergio Mimica Gezzan
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Verlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), James Frain (Szura), Tina Holmes (Ms. Wade), Joshua Gomez (Scott), Mark Colson (Deputy Munger), Julio Oscar Mechoso (Frank Vargas), Holmes Osborne (Mayor Littles), Kimleigh Smith (Nurse #1), Eddie Rutkowski (Nurse #2), Veronica Cartwright (Valerie Shenkman), Tripp Pickel (Deputy Smith), Richard Lucas (TV Director), Carlos McCullers II (Jake), Stephen Alvarez (Paul Hambrick)

LogBook entry by Earl Green