InvasionOn her way to chase down another story, Larkin accidentally hits a man in Air Force fatigues who she learns is a member of the C-130 hurricane hunter plane that was knocked out the sky moments after its crew spotted glowing lights in the eye of Hurricane Eve. He’s also a hybrid. Sheriff Underlay shows up with military police in tow, who quickly drag the man off despite Underlay’s protests. When Underlay pays a visit to the Air Force officer who enlisted his help to track down the missing hybrid, he finds that the man didn’t merely go missing, but escaped a facility where tests are being run on hybrids. It seems that the military is aware of the hybrids – and of Underlay himself – and has been taking note of more hyrbid incidents after each hurricane. Russell and Dave wait until daylight to land on Szura’s island, where they find that the pregnant Christina gave birth to something despite being shot by Szura himself – and whatever she gave birth to proceeded to go into the water. Russell and Dave find the Homestead priest who had been hosting a support group for the hybrid hurricane “survivors,” and he leads them to evidence that Szura is planning a war between hybrids and humans. And when Jesse runs into more trouble at school, including a fight with several hybrid boys, it seems he’s ready to turn to extreme violence to protect himself – namely, the gun that Underlay gave him during their unexpected retreat.

Order this DVDwritten by Shaun Cassidy & Michael Alaimo
directed by Lawrence Trilling
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Verlatka

Guest Cast: Nathan Baesel (Sirk), Edwin Hodge (Brett), James Frain (Eli Szura), David Huynh (Sun Kim), Julio Oscar Mechoso (Frank Vargas), Mark Colson (Deputy Munger), Jay Malack (Connor), Charlie Bodin (Dino), Brent King (Lee), Nick Huff (Student #1), April Gilbert (Student #2), Owen Beckman (Student #3), Shasa Dabner (Student #4), Jason Rosario (Student no. 5), Tina Holmes (Ms. Wade), Cody Benjamin Lee (Logan)

Notes: This episode begins with an unusual recap covering the entire season, depicting several of the main characters in an “interrogation room” scenario that seems completely removed from anything currently happening in the series; in the two weeks leading up to Invasion’s return from an extended hiatus, ABC ran promos created with the same footage.

LogBook entry by Earl Green