InvasionJesse and his stepsister, Sheriff Underlay’s daughter Kira, are walking home with containers of gasoline when they see an overturned RV trailer in the floodwater. They swim out to it to make sure no one is trapped, but while inside, Jesse sees something glowing in the water, and when he investigates closer, it lashes out at him, injuring him severely. Kira runs to get her father, but finds Russell at her house instead, babysitting Rose. Russell rushes back to the scene, recovers Jesse and takes him to the hospital, where Mariel hovers between parental concern and total disinterest in her son’s fate. She donates her own blood to Jesse, but instead of stabilizing him, it nearly kills him. Elsewhere, despite the five-mile quarantine radius around Homestead imposed by Sheriff Underlay, Larkin and her cameraman catch what looks like a military convoy going through town. When she confronts Underlay about it, Larkin gets a canned explanation and then demands the truth, which Underlay then tries to tell her involves the recovery of Airman Paxton’s helicopter. But when Larkin points out the radiation-suited hazmat teams near the crash site, it appears that even Sheriff Underlay doesn’t know the whole story. Nor can Russell explain why Mariel’s blood now resembles the blood of a marine animal more than it does that of a human being…

Order this DVDwritten by Becky Hartman Edwards
directed by Michael Dinner
music by Jon Ehrlich & Jason Derlatka

Guest Cast: Kimleigh Smith (Admitting Nurse), Melody Butiu (Nurse Karlen), Armin Shimerman (Josh Breims), Joshua Gomez (Scott), Ivar Brogger (Father Scanlon), Leslie Carrera (Mrs. Hernandez), Jean Sincere (Mrs. Lowell), Ewan Chang (Doctor), Barry Wiggins (General Turner), Joshua Harto (Greg Ogilvy)

Notes: Once again, a member of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s ensemble features in the guest cast, this time Armin “Quark” Shimerman as a cautious jewelry store owner.

LogBook entry by Earl Green