Picture If You Will

FarscapeChiana and Rygel return to Moya from a trading expedition with an added gift, a picture that appears to depict Chiana. The picture unnerves Zhaan, especially when it changes to depict Chiana with a broken leg and Chiana breaks hers soon after. When the next change shows Chiana burst into flames, everyone shares Zhaan’s concerns – but they’re too late to stop Chiana’s combustion. As the portrait begins to depict the rest of the crew’s demise, Zhaan manages to deduce the picture’s true purpose. Instead of killing them, it’s drawing them into another dimension, where the sorcerer Maldis waits for his chance to avenge his previous defeat and, just as importantly, regain corporeal form.

Order the DVDswritten by Peter Neale
directed by Andrew Prowse
music by Subvision

Guest Cast: Chris Haywood (Maldis/Kyvan)

Notes: Zhaan defeated Maldis in order to save Crichton in season 1’s That Old Black Magic.

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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