LexxThe attack on Garden is swift and deadly, and Lyekka is killed within moments. Stan and Kai see their moth lifting off, and Kai uses his brace to board the ship and throw its pilot out, but instead of Xev they find a bomb aboard the moth. Kai and Stan bail out, but Kai is able to attach himself to one of Prince’s balloons, and gets Stan to safety (after throwing that balloon’s crew overboard). Prince and one of his most loyal underlings, Priest, are holding Xev hostage on another balloon as a bargaining chip. But with Kai gaining altitude – a position from which he can attack any of Prince’s balloons – Prince must count on Priest to make a supreme sacrifice for the sake of victory. As the stakes rise, both Prince’s army and the crew of the Lexx discover the limits of their loyalty, their sacrifice, and their endurance.

Order the DVDswritten by Paul Donovan
directed by Christoph Schrewe
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Nigel Bennett (Prince), Rolf Kaines (Priest), Jennifer Overton (Matron), Louise Wischermann (Lyekka)

LogBook entry by Earl Green