LexxXev has escaped the balloon battle by riding a stray gondola through the atmospheric interface and onto the surface of Fire, and Stanley and Kai follow with little idea of her precise landing point. They do find what’s left of her balloon, and decide to scout for her at the nearest town on Fire – a place known as Girltown. Within the town’s walls, a strange drama of gender reversal appears to be playing itself out, as Kai discovers an oppressed population of men who seem to be fulfilling traditionally female roles. Stanley is captured and brought before Girltown’s ruler, the vicious Queen, only to realize that she may be Giggerota in disguise. Queen seems intrigued by the fact that Stanley hasn’t died yet – indeed, en route to Girltown, Kai admits that he has noticed that many of his enemies from the other universe seem to have resurfaced on Fire or Water in some form. Even when Kai and Xev arrive to rescue Stanley from what Queen says will be but the first of his many deaths, the rescue attempt goes horribly wrong, leaving Xev alone – with the key to the Lexx.

Order the DVDswritten by Lex Gigeroff
directed by Chris Bould
music by Marty Simon

Guest Cast: Ellen Dubin (Queen)

LogBook entry by Earl Green