Taking the Stone

FarscapeA distressed Chiana is looking for some reassurance from her otherwise-occupied crewmates; their apparent disinterest motivates her to take a shuttle and head off of Moya. The others soon discover the source of her troubles – a life-disc that had kept her aware of her brother has blinked out, indicating his death. When Crichton, Rygel and Aeryn track her down to a nearby cemetery planet, they find her in no rush to return. Indeed, she’s found comfort with the group of young daredevils that live beneath the surface, and announces her intent to join in one of their rituals, a chasm dive called “taking the stone” that is sometimes but not always fatal, thanks to an intermittently functioning forcefield generator. For the natives, even death by the stone is an attractive option, since radiation poisoning means everyone will soon die a slow painful death anyway. Crichton refuses to accept any of this, searching for a way to prevent the radiation sickness and talk Chiana out of jumping. But it doesn’t seem like anyone’s interested in what solutions he might offer.

Order the DVDswritten by Justin Monjo
directed by Rowan Woods
music by Subvision

Guest Cast: Anthony Hayes (Molnon), Peter Scarf (Das), Michela Noonan (Vyna), Natasha Beaumont (Janixx)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer

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