The Fantastic JourneyScott is excited to spot a carnival full of rides in the distance, and against Willaway’s misgivings, Varian agrees that the travelers should investigate. They soon meet the proprietor of the carnival, Marcus Apollonius, who offers the weary travelers a chance to relax and amuse themselves. But the invitation is too good to be true: Marcus and his underlings plan to trap the travelers, and possess their bodies and minds to escape this time zone. Marcus chooses Willaway, and Varian instantly detects that something is different about him and tries to help Willaway expel the evil spirit and regain control. This only angers Marcus, who now decides that the travelers who aren’t chosen as new host bodies are expendable.

The Fantastic Journeywritten by Michael Michaelian
directed by Art Fisher
music by Robert Prince

Cast: Jared Martin (Varian), Carl Franklin (Fred Walters), Ike Eisenmann (Scott Jordan), Katie Saylor (Liana), Roddy McDowall (Willaway), Mel Ferrer (Marcus Apollonius), Mary Frann (Roxanne), Richard Lawson (Barker), Christina Hart (Gwyneth), The Felix Team (Sil-L)

Notes: A vision of Gwyneth, Varian’s doomed wife from An Act Of Love, appears briefly. Considering all the gunfire from the possessed shooting gallery guns and the other mayhem around him, Sil-L again proves that he’s the calmest cat in the universe.

LogBook entry by Earl Green