Children Of The Gods

The Fantastic JourneyVarian and the other travelers find what appear to be Greek ruins of a kind that Willaway thinks are at least 3,000 years old. They set up camp for the night, but trouble soon finds them: a young boy races over a hill and collapses near a stream, sweaty and exhausted. Even Scott can’t get the boy to talk about what he’s running from. When the boy tries to sneak away from the ruins, Scott follows him and they are both captured by older boys and brought back to an underground command center. A young man named “Alpha” rules here, and serves up harsh punishment to anyone who defies his style of ruling by fear. Adults long ago extinguished themselves in a war, and Alpha has discovered a cache of advanced weapons left over from that conflict. Willaway is caught entering a temple at the ruins, and Alpha sentences him to death. With his friends’ lives in the balance, Scott challenges Alpha to a duel, with the survivor earning the right to lead.

The Fantastic Journeywritten by Leonard Katzman
directed by Alf Kjellin
music by Robert Prince

Cast: Jared Martin (Varian), Carl Franklin (Fred Walters), Ike Eisenmann (Scott Jordan), Katie Saylor (Liana), Roddy McDowall (Willaway), Mark Lambert (Alpha), Bobby Eilbacher (Sigma), Cosie Costa (Delta), Stanley Clay (Beta), Richard Natoli (Gamma), Al A. Eisenmann (Omega), Michael Baldwin (Rho), The Felix Team (Sil-L)

Notes: This is the first TV gig that IMDB shows for actor Cosie Costa, who did guest shots on numerous ’70s and ’80s shows, including Galactica 1980. One of his last entries for Costa in that same internet-based trove of showbiz knowledge is an appearance in the first season of Babylon 5.

LogBook entry by Earl Green