Girl On The Ledge

Future CopA young woman rents a tenth-story hotel room and proceeds to climb out the window to sit on the ledge. As Cleaver and Haven try to track down her family, Bundy risks his own life to try to talk her back inside. Cleaver meets the girl’s mother and is confused by her lack of concern. Her father insists that the district attorney go to talk her down from the ledge. Haven quickly deduces that the people they have met, claiming to be the girl’s parents, are not related to her at all: they’re in the employ of a Chicago crime boss who wants the district attorney to make an appearance in a public place…so he can settle an old grudge.

Order the complete series on DVDwritten by Mann Rubin
directed by Earl Bellamy
music by J.J. Johnson

Future CopCast: Ernest Borgnine (Cleaver), Michael Shannon (Haven), John Amos (Bundy), Irene Tsu (Dr. Tingley), Herbert Nelson (Capt. Skaggs), Katherine Cannon (The Girl), Tracy Reed (Natalie Bundy), Gloria Manon (Darlene Montoya), Robert Symonds (Assistant Chief Joseph), H.M. Wynant (Nick Redmont), Francine York (Sal), Bill Zuckert (Fisk), Steven Marlo (Carl Jadwin), Raymond Singer (Hotel Clerk), Angela May (Peggy), Sarah Kennedy (Marge), Bob Hoy (Pedestrian / Driver), John O’Connell (Bradley), Craig Ludwin (Cummings), Richard Doyle (Ford), Dan Priest (Fire Chief), Joe Bratcher (Dr. Wallace)

LogBook entry by Earl Green