An Act Of Love

The Fantastic JourneyThe travelers materialize in the shadow of an erupting volcano and immediately seek shelter in a nearby cave. Awoken by a disturbing dream, Varian wanders away from their camp and meets a woman he saw in that dream. When he sees his friends again, Varian has big news: he’s giving up his travels to marry the woman he dreamed of and then met. Scott and the others find this shocking, but they’re not as shocked as Varian is to discover that, as the groom, he’s expected to allow himself to be sacrificed to the volcano to appease the “gods” that govern its eruptions.

The Fantastic Journeywritten by Richard Fielder
directed by Virgil W. Vogel
music by Dirk DeBenedictis

Cast: Jared Martin (Varian), Carl Franklin (Fred Walters), Ike Eisenmann (Scott Jordan), Katie Saylor (Liana), Roddy McDowall (Willaway), Ellen Weston (Maera), Christina Hart (Gwyneth), Jonathan Goldsmith (Zaros), Vic Mohica (Baras), Belinda Balaski (Arla), Jeffrey Byron (Heras), Jerry Daniels (The Guard), The Felix Team (Sil-L)

Notes: For someone who knows that you can’t make a deal with a volcano, Willaway should’ve warned his fellow travelers away from seeking shelter from a volcano in a nearby cave; any cave-like structure in close proximity to an active volcano would be likely to be, or have been formed by, an equally active lava tube – perhaps not the safest structure available.

LogBook entry by Earl Green