Try, Try Again

Eureka The Pentagon decides to coordinate a regularly scheduled shutdown and reboot of Global Dynamics’ computer system with the official handoff of control from Stark to Allison. A GD employee hopes to use the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder by pushing Fargo off, and plants a small device stolen from the storage room in Fargo’s jacket. Unfortunately, a curious Fargo activates the device . . . and extremely unfortunately, it’s an extremely dangerous personal forcefield device. The device can not be deactivated and the field continuously expands. When it was first tried four years ago, the only way to stop it was to place the wearer at the bottom of a very deep bunker – and detonate a nuclear bomb with him. That sent the device’s creator into self-imposed exile in a cabin outside of town. The Pentagon wants to repeat the previous solution before matters get out of hand, but Allison allows Carter to look for an alternate way out. Carter and Jo track down the thieves, but Stark and Henry can’t find a way to shut down the device. In the end, it becomes clear that the only way to stop the device is to kill Fargo. The only question is, how permanently?

Order the DVDswritten by Charlie Craig
directed by Michael Nankin

Guest Cast:

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer