Family Reunion

Eureka When Carter discovers that Jo is supplying Zoe with double espressos (against Carter’s wishes) in exchange for beauty magazines, he takes great pleasure in teasing them both. His fun is interrupted by a call from Allison, and even though he’s still giving her a bit of a cold shoulder because of the dream device, he agrees to investigate the latest problem at General Dynamics. Workers have discovered that a cryogenics chamber from the 1950s originally thought to be empty is decidedly occupied – and its inhabitant is waking up. The first person ever to be revived from cryo-stasis turns out to be Pierre Fargo, Douglas Fargo’s grandfather. Pierre insists that he was put in the cryo chamber against his will, and that even though the police have a signed resignation letter on file, he had no intention of leaving Eureka. Indeed, he was planning to propose to his girlfriend Belle, Douglas’s grandmother. Pierre also claims that many of the discoveries credited to Andre Sandrov – a leading figure in Eureka – are actually based on his work. Nathan is initially skeptical, but Carter pursues the investigation – while Zoe starts an investigation of her own into her father’s past. Pierre’s major concern is initially restoring his good name, but when a side effect of the stasis accelerates his aging, it looks like he may not have much time left to do anything.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Anne Cofell Saunders
story by Jane Espenson
directed by Michael Lange
music by Bear McCreary

Guest Cast: Tygh Runyan (Pierre Fargo), Scott Hylands (Andre Sandrov), Christopher Jacot (Larry), Terence Kelly (Charlie)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer