Eureka Carter is feeling pretty good about life, planning a surprise sixteenth birthday party for Zoe and managing to get a raincheck on a coffee date with Allison. But rainclouds quickly roll in, both metaphorically and meteorologically. Strange weather events start occurring all over Eureka, including a sudden temperature plunge at Global Dynamics’ spa that freezes an employee to death. And Carter’s ex-wife Abby comes to Eureka for a surprise visit – and plans to take Zoe back to Los Angeles with her. Carter and Abby had agreed that Zoe would only stay in Eureka for a year . . . but Carter never told Zoe, hoping he could work out a different arrangement before the deadline. When Zoe finds out, she is considerably less than thrilled.

Allison receives an anonymous e-mail with details about Global Dynamics’ research on Kevin – Stark brought him to Eureka in part because he appeared to be somehow linked to the artifact. Her frustration with Stark ebbs after Stark explains himself – and after she traces the e-mail to discover that Stark sent it in the first place. Allison also overrules Beverley and has Henry cleared to work at Global Dynamics. Her efforts to delay Henry thwarted, Beverley hurriedly leaves Eureka in order to make contact with her associates in the Consortium.

As the weather gets worse, the town meteorologist predicts a catastrophic hurricane coming soon. But even in Eureka, an accurate weather forecaster is a phenomenon that raises Carter’s suspicions.

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Guest Cast: Debrah Farentino (Dr. Beverly Barlowe), Olivia D’Abo (Abby Carter), Patrick Gilmore (Pete Pullman), Stefanie von Pfetten (Wendy Witicus), David Nykl (Stephen Witicus), Meshach Peters (Kevin), Christopher Gauthier (Vincent), Adrienne Carter (Pilar)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer