HyperdriveThe discovery of an artefact in deep space stirs irresistible curiosity in the crew (except for York, who warns that it is almost certainly a hero trap). After deciphering alien writing on the object, Henderson decides to take it “home”…which turns out to be a planet ruled by the Queppu race. There are cameras installed in an enclosed zone on the planet, where the Queppu send hapless contestants to fight to the death for a television reality show. York is eager for the opportunity to show his killing prowess, while Teal isn’t adjusting well to this new scenario at all. And since he can’t simply say “I’m an Earthling, get me out of here!”, Henderson is baffled as to why the rest of the crew isn’t mounting a rescue…and why no one seems to be rising up to oppose the tyrannical ruler of the Queppu.

Order the DVDsDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Kevin Cecil & Andy Riley
directed by John Henderson
music by Mark Thomas

HyperdriveCast: Nick Frost (Henderson), Kevin Eldon (York), Miranda Hart (Teal), Dan Antopolski (Jeffers), Stephen Evans (Vine), Petra Massey (Sandstrom), Geoffrey McGivern (Supreme Ruler), Montserrat Lombard (Lavya), Hon Ping Tang (Sergeant Destruction), Dustin Demri Burns (Queppu Warrior), Stephan Kreiss (Gunface), Tannoy Voices (Ewan Bailey)

Notes: The Queppu were first encountered in season one (in the episode Hello Queppu, naturally).

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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