The Coach With The Dragon Tattoo

ClassRam is having difficulty adjusting to the artificial leg given to him by the Doctor to replace the leg severed by the Shadow Kin. His once-promising soccer performance suffers as a result, but psychologically he’s still suffering from the trauma of seeing the Shadow Kin on a killing rampage. As he changes after soccer practice, he’s convinced he sees evidence of another horrifying death, but can’t do anything about it. Later, he witnesses an otherworldly being snatch a cleaning lady from the school grounds, but can’t prove it happened. Worried that Ram is becoming increasingly isolated from them, Charlie, April and Tanya take their case to Mr. Armitage, only to see him snatched away by the same being Ram saw earlier. They turn to Miss Quill for protection, but she is preoccupied – almost obsessed – with an “observer” sitting in on her classes.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Patrick Ness
directed by Ed Bazalgette
music by Blair Mowat

ClassCast: Katherine Kelly (Miss Quill), Greg Austin (Charlie), Fady Elsayed (Ram), Sophie Hopkins (April), Vivian Oparah (Tanya), Jordan Renzo (Matteusz), Ben Peel (Coach Dawson), David McGranaghan (Assistant Coach Carroll), Aaron Neil (Varun), Nigel Betts (Mr. Armitage), Jami Reid-Quarrell (The Inspector), Cally Lawrence (Cleaner)

LogBook entry by Earl Green