The Leap Home

Quantum LeapSam finds himself back home in Elk Ridge, Indiana – not living someone else’s life, but for once, reliving his own youth. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving and a major high school basketball game whose outcome would define some of his classmates’ lives, Sam has an opportunity – according to Al – to change the outcome of that game. But Sam sees other outcomes in much more urgent need of changing, such as trying to introduce his father to a healthier lifestyle so he won’t die in 1972, and trying to prevent his older brother, Tom, from shipping out to Vietnam. Uncharacteristically, Sam boldly announces that he has seen the future, and he knows what will happen…but far from convincing his family that he’s right, all this does is convince them that he’s crazy.

Download this episode via Amazonwritten by Donald P. Bellisario
directed by Joe Napolitano
music by Velton Ray Bunch

Quantum LeapCast: Scott Bakula (Dr. Sam Beckett / John Beckett), Dean Stockwell (Al), David Newsom (Tom Beckett), Olivia Burnette (Katie Beckett), Hannah Cutrona (Mary Lou), Mai-Lis Kuniholm (Lisa Parsons), Caroline Kava (Thelma Beckett), Mik Scriba (Coach Donnelly), Niles Brewster (Dr. Berger), Matthew John Graeser (Herky), Ethan Wilson (Sibby), John L. Tuell (No Nose Pruitt), Adam Affonso (young Sam)

LogBook entry by Earl Green