Green Eyes

Alien NationAs an investigation begins into the suspicious death of a Newcomer judge, George passes the exam that ensures a promotion that will make him Sikes’ superior. But even as George and Sikes interview a suspect against whom the late judge once ruled, a prominent Newcomer doctor receives an anonymous gift that results in his death. The judge’s autopsy reveals the presence of a genetically-engineered agent designed specifically to kill Tenctonese – and George’s recent promotion may now make him a target. A letter from an organization calling itself the National Purists’ Front arrives, claiming responsibility for the murders and promising more Newcomer deaths. As they try to track down the racially-motivated serial killers, George and Sikes find themselves seriously at odds with each other over George’s promotion. Their own racial tension even spills over into Sikes’ relationship with Cathy. As Sikes retreats into the arms of a human woman, an anonymous gift intended for George infects Susan and Emily instead. But what even George and Sikes don’t know is that this latest attack is merely a test of a new version of the toxin, which the Purists plan to use to wipe out all the Newcomers.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Diane Frolov & Andrew Schneider
directed by Tom Chehak
music by Steve Dorff & Harry Erbstritt

Guest Cast: Jenny Gago (Zepeda), Barbara Bush (Lorraine Clark), Michelle Lamar Richards (Dr. Lois Allen), Lee Bryant (Phyllis Bryant), Kim Braden (Marilyn Houston), Haskell V. Anderson III (Principal Fisher), David Purdham (Marc Guerin), John Calvin (Rick Parris), Geoffrey Bryant (Michael Bukowski), Edith Fields (Martha), Andras Jones (Noah Ramsey), Geoff Pierson (Dr. Bogg), Thomas Knickerbocker (Judge Kaiser), Thom Zimerle (Joshua Tree), Joe Hoke (Newcomer cop), Michael Najjar (Delivery man)

LogBook entry by Earl Green