Gimme Gimme

Alien NationA uniquely Tenctonese cross between a lightweight fabric and an incredibly resilient metal, Nu-Knit is rolled out as a prime investment opportunity for Newcomers and humans alike. Its inventor, newcomer Edgar Allan Poe, has forged an uneasy alliance with a shifty human business partner, but when Poe is murdered – after someone replaces the water in his swimming pool with deadly salt water – that partner becomes a prime suspect. Sikes and George are on the case, but after hearing George sing the praises of Nu-Knit, Captain Grazer has also invested heavily in the company, and insists on pursuing the case from the standpoint of protecting his money. A visit to Nu-Knit’s factory leaves Sikes nauseous, almost to the point of fainting, prompting concerns about the company’s compliance with environmental laws. When Poe’s former business partner produces an alibi that, while not commendable, at least turns out to be true, the hunt is on for the real killer…someone who also has a reason to cover up the deadly secret behind Nu-Knit.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Andrew Schneider & Diane Frolov
directed by David Carson
music by David Kurtz

Guest Cast: Alan Fudge (Phil), Kim Braden (Marilyn Houston), Joseph Cali (Lee Smith), Armin Shimerman (Cyril Roman), David Selburg (Edgar Allen Poe), Beverly Leech (Rita Poe), Michele Lamar Richards (Lois Allen), Michael Zano (Mr. Elias), Bob Minor (Cop), Lance E. Nichols (Delivery Man), Stephen Hart (Thug)

Notes: There’s something refreshingly un-ironic about Armin Shimerman in the role of an unscrupulous, profit-mongering alien, even if it predates his regular role as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Quark by three years.

LogBook entry by Earl Green