Alien NationA break-in at the lab where Cathy works is just the beginning of a reign of terror that shakes George to his core. Sikes meets Detective Jeffries at the scene, who dismisses the entire incident as an animal activist’s protest, but later, when Sikes discovers that there is no LAPD detective by that name, he starts to wonder what’s really going on. Sikes and George continue following the trail, but at several points along the way, George seems disoriented, and he experiences flashbacks to a red room containing a firing range. “Jeffries” appears again, this time at the police station, and apparently has enough influence to close the case. Sikes isn’t ready to give up the chase yet, and he enlists outside help in analyzing newly discovered samples of Tenctonese tissue, as well as George’s murky memories. When he does manage to remember the strange flashbacks he’s been experiencing, the truth about “Jeffries” becomes just one part of a conspiratorial puzzle with dark implications for humans and Newcomers alike.

Order this episode on DVDDownload this episodewritten by Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle
directed by Chuck Bowman
music by Steve Dorff & Larry Herbstritt

Guest Cast: Katherine Justice (Dr. Wright), John P. Connolly (Detective Jeffries), Tom Dugan (Silas Marner), Patricia Heaton (Amanda Russle), Ray Reinhardt (Chris Pettit), Michele Lamar Richards (Lois Allen), Chuck Bennett (Marcus Byer)

Notes: Seen only in dimly-lit flashbacks (and later in a body bag), guest star Patricia Heaton makes one of her only genre appearances here, long before her co-starring role in Everybody Loves Raymond.

LogBook entry by Earl Green

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