Crossing Jordan

Kurdy and Smith convince the leaders of the town of Ridgeway to join Marcus’ alliance to stand up to the spread of Daniel’s forces, promising that Thunder Mountain will stand with them if Daniel threatens. Their next stop is a town where Kurdy feels that Jeremiah’s presence will help to sway the town leaders over […]

The Face In The Mirror

His name is Frederick Monash, and he’s a survivor of the Big Death. He’s on the run from Daniel’s forces, and he’s trying to reach the resistance, but has to go into hiding just before he can meet with them. Jeremiah’s father knew him, at Valhalla Sector, when he was working on a top-secret plan […]

The State Of The Union

As Jeremiah continues to chafe against his duties as the mayor of Millhaven, Marcus continues to send teams out from Thunder Mountain with radios for the cities that make up the alliance. Kurdy and Smith, making a radio supply run, decide to visit Jeremiah and give him a break from it all, but this break […]


Even as Daniel’s troops close in on Thunder Mountain, Smith insists on taking Jeremiah and Kurdy to a children’s home that neither of them has ever seen before. There, a few adult survivors of the Big Death have banded together to shepherd the next generation of the human race toward their own adulthood. And they’ve […]

The Source

Perri is mystified when Kolchak’s latest crime beat assignment takes him to the scene of a drug lord’s murder and the disappearance of a DEA agent – with no hints at all of anything unexplained or supernatural. But when Kolchak’s nemesis, FBI Agent Fain, arrives at the Beacon’s offices demanding that Kolchak reveal his sources […]

The Sea

McManus narrowly escapes a gang-style shooting that leads to the death of the missing DEA agent and the man who was hiding him. Given that Kolchak was behind bars during this latest incident, Fain has no choice but to let him go – but does follow him as he keeps trying to find Linda Caleca […]

Know Thy Enemy

Daniel Graystone’s star is rising again; after selling his board of directors on the notion of the Cylon as a tireless servant in every household in the Twelve Colonies, he is once again unstoppable. But one man can still bring him up short: his chief competitor, from whom Sam Adama stole the vital component that […]

The Imperfections Of Memory

Vergis continues pursuing his purchase of the Caprica City Buccaneers from Daniel Graystone, and continues using their continued run-ins to taunt Graystone about the theft of the Vergis processor at the heart of Zoe’s Cylon body. While Daniel eases back into his routine of high-stakes verbal fencing with his competitor, his wife Amanda is falling […]

Ghosts In The Machine

In a moment of revelation, Daniel Graystone begins addressing the Cylon as “Zoe,” but it offers no response until he starts a more aggressive probe of the machine’s central processor. In New Cap City, Joseph Adama is also continuing his quest to find the avatar of his own dead daughter, and has found a more […]

End Of Line

Facing a looming deadline to produce an army of 100,000 Cylon warrior robots for the government of Caprica, Daniel Graystone decides to cut his losses and focus on business, selling his pyramid team to rival Tomas Vergis. But pressure is increasing on Graystone to deliver that army on schedule – or ahead of it, as […]


Three weeks after the attempted suicide of his wife Amanda and Tomas Vergis’ takeover of his company, Daniel Graystone is adrift and alone. The Cylon body containing the consciousness of his daughter has been critically damaged in its attempt to escape from his lab, and what’s recovered no longer shows any signs of higher intelligence […]

Things We Lock Away

Zoe’s avatar carves a bloody path through the virtural world of New Cap City, searching for the girl who can’t die – the recreated consciousness of Joseph Adama’s daughter Tamara. What she isn’t expecting is the rage she encounters when she finally finds her: Tamara is fully aware that the real Zoe was responsible for […]