A Fistful Of Datas

Star Trek: The Next GenerationStardate 46271.5: A scheduled maintenance layover allows the crew to indulge in some leisure activities, much to the dismay of Worf, who, without any duties to use as an excuse, must oblige Alexander by joining him for a wild west adventure on the holodeck with Troi. Meanwhile, Data and Geordi experience a malfunction during a test of Data’s ability to interface with the ship’s main computer, though they do not initially realize the extent of the malfunction. Shipwide computer errors occur, ranging from Spot’s cat food being dispensed from every food slot, to images of Data replacing Worf’s holodeck nemesis and kidnapping Alexander to hold the boy for a ransom. By the time Geordi begins effecting repairs, Worf is committed to a shootout with a holodeck villain who has Data’s agility and precision.

Order the DVDsteleplay by Robert Hewitt Wolfe and Brannon Braga
story by Robert Hewitt Wolfe
directed by Patrick Stewart
music by Jay Chattaway

Guest Cast: Brian Bonsall (Alexander), John Pyper-Ferguson (Eli Hollander), Joy Garrett (Annie), Jorge Cervera, Jr. (Bandito), Majel Barrett (Computer voice), and Spot

LogBook entry by Earl Green