JeremiahEven as Daniel’s troops close in on Thunder Mountain, Smith insists on taking Jeremiah and Kurdy to a children’s home that neither of them has ever seen before. There, a few adult survivors of the Big Death have banded together to shepherd the next generation of the human race toward their own adulthood. And they’ve made a discovery: the new generation of children is smarter than previous generations, and at a much younger age, though no one knows if this is evolution at work, or a side effect of the virus. Smith hopes that the home can be protected, but Marcus can’t guarantee this when an attack closes his supply lines right on the doorstep of Thunder Mountain. Worse yet, evidence is uncovered of sabotage taking place within the complex – Sims’ people are already inside. And on the eve of battle, when Jeremiah discovers how and why Libby really died, it seems there’s little chance that he’ll forgive either Sims or Smith.

Order the DVDswritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Mike Vejar
music by Tim Truman

Guest Cast: Peter Stebbings (Marcus), Ingrid Kavelaars (Erin), Byron Lawson (Lee Chen), Michael Teigen (Frank), Donna White (Hannah), Enid-Raye Adams (Gina), John Pyper-Ferguson (Sims), Rik Kiviaho (Sim’s Lieutenant), David Richmond-Peck (Tad), Sam MacMillan (Pilot), Justin Stillwell (Thunder Mountain Recruit), Jillian Fargey (Teacher), Chris Lovick (Fifth Column Recruit), Michael Smith (Matt), Samuel Patrick Chu (Blackboard Kid), Jessica Amlee (Rose), Clint Carleton (Thunder Mountain Driver), Demord Dann (Thunder Mountain Passenger)

Appearing in footage from Crossing Jordan: Joanne Kelly (Libby)

LogBook entry by Earl Green