Welcome to Evan’s kitchen! It’s time to kick it up a notch! BOOM, BABY!

So it’s a Friday morning here at Casa Green, and Evan’s had his morning pancakes and now he’s wolfing down some apple slices he failed to eat rather spectacularly a couple of nights ago when we were having “boys only!” night. In recent weeks, my wife has been whipping up pancakes and other yummies in advance on Sundays, and Evan’s runaway favorite has clearly emerged: home-made banana bread. (I have to give him points for good taste, literally – it’s good stuff. I have to fight my natural urge to join him in wolfing it down, or else that week’s supply of banana bread might get us through 48 hours.)

But apparently the concept of banana-plus-bread had given Evan the impression that any combination of food is possible. And indeed, I suppose it is, but just because one can do a thing does not mean that one should. Case in point: this morning’s request for apple cheese. Apple cheese? Why not? We’ve got banana bread, don’t we? This reminds me of the time several years ago when Chloe the cat accidentally invented “lemonade chicken” (don’t ask).

Anyway, while I’m trying to figure out a viable recipe for apple cheese, Evan’s dancing around my room like he’s on fire (in the mornings, the TV absolutely does not come on – we listen to music instead; I’m not sure how much cultural enlightenment is really getting in there when this morning’s selections have included Best Of Nintendo Game Boy and Katamari Fortissimo Damacy). See? It’s just an apple cheese kind of day.

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