Always remember: Avid = diva spelled backwards

…but I kid the electronic behemoth that is my livelihood. But seriously, what’s up with this new corporate logo?

new Avid logoI mean, I get it – volume up and down, pause, play (a few more arrows and it’s the Konami code!) – but it just lacks the elegance of the company’s previous logos. Maybe they should’ve stylized it a bit more instead of sticking doggedly to perfect isosceles triangles. It’s really kinda clever, but…I dunno. What they’re putting out there as the final logo seems more like something you’d get at an intermediate step of the design process. Ah well, they’re the multi-zillion-dollar A/V company, and I’m just a guy who sits around using an older version of their products, so what do I know? (And heck, even though I bought it fair and square, according to Avid, I don’t own the machine!)

I’ve been meaning to fire up the Avid, by the way, to edit together the video I shot almost two weeks ago at OEGE; I positioned one of my cameras right behind the Magnavox Odyssey. People may have thought the camera was there to keep watch over the machine, but no…it was watching them! It was watching them puzzle over how to play the thing and watching them reel with the realization that this machine that doesn’t even have a central processor and plays the weirdest game of video ping-pong you can imagine paved the way for their PS3s and Xbox 360s. Some of the comments were hysterical. I’ll try to get on that sometime early next week, unless there’s bad weather that forces me to shut down my diva. Sorry, did I say diva? I meant Avid.

Still working on ironing out the credit card theft mess; the card has already been cancelled and a new one is being issued, and I got a little bit proactive and started contacting the places where the card had been used to see if they could reverse charges or cancel transactions on their end. One of the places that the idiots ordered something from was Abercrombie & Fitch. I’ve never even looked at one of their catalogs or visited one of their stores – that’s one of those places where I just assume that they have nothing that fits me, because I’m not a guy with six-pack abs who walks around shirtless. (Sorry for destroying any illusions you may have had to the contrary.) Turns out that they alone were ahead of the curve: they cancelled the transaction because it seemed odd for someone with an IP address in Ireland to be using a card whose billing address is in Arkansas. Smart cookies! So kudos to Abercrombie & Fitch, even if they, in all likelihood, don’t make a single thing that would fit me. This crisis, such as it is, is winding down very much to my satisfaction – yay.

Other than that, not much going on. Like the man once said, come back later and there’ll be more to tell. And bring a real corporate logo with you when you do, yeah?

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