Space Precinct

Space Precinct

Space Precinct was a syndicated series in the U.S., so the broadcast premiere dates given in this guide are the first day of the original “week-of” window for the airing of each episode. The show did not appear in the U.K. and Europe until a year later.

    Pilot – 1987

  • Space Police
    Season One – 1994-95

  1. Protect And Survive
  2. Enforcer
  3. Body And Soul
  4. Double Duty
  5. The Snake
  6. Time To Kill
  7. Deadline
  8. Seek And Destroy
  9. The Power
  10. Illegal
  11. Divided We Stand
  12. Two Against The Rock
  13. Takeover
  14. Predator And Prey
  15. The Witness
  16. Hate Street
  17. Friends
  18. Smelter Skelter
  19. Flash
  20. The Fire Within, Part 1
  21. The Fire Within, Part 2
  22. The Forever Beetle
  23. Deathwatch, Part 1
  24. Deathwatch, Part 2

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