Space PrecinctA stakeout turns into a high-speed, high-stakes chase when Brogan and Haldane pursue a fast-moving, unregistered air limo. It launches something that looks like a missile toward one of Demeter City’s major buildings, and Brogan uses his police cruiser to ram the projectile off-course. Both the missile and the police ship make rough unscheduled landings, but the surprises don’t stop there – there’s a dead body inside the projectile. Castle and Took lose track of the limo. With no ID on the body, all the unanswered questions are dead ends, until a connection is discovered to a suspicious organ replacement operation that was shut down months ago. Brogan and Haldane begin putting pressure on one of the doctors caught up in that scandal, and find that his organ replacement business is booming – and he’s never short of the right organs for the right species of his patients. But his paperwork reveals nothing shady, and citizens of Demeter City continue to go missing without a trace, vanishing into an operating room that no one can see, and yet is in plain sight.

written by David Bennett Carren & J. Larry Carroll
directed by
music by Crispin Merrell

Guest Cast: Steven Berkoff (Dr. Jorry), Truan Munro (Speedy), Nic Klein (Matt Brogan), Megan Olive (Liz Brogan), Jerome Willis (Podly), David Space PrecinctQuilter (Fredo), Mary Woodvine (Took), Richard James (Orrin), Lou Hirsch (Romek), Ken Whitfield (Rik), Leigh Tinkler (Nurse), Joanna Berns (Patient), Alexa Rosewood (Receptionist), Rob Thirtle (Wirt), Will Barton (Prosperous Creon), Gary Martin (voice of Slomo)

Notes: This episode features a rare shot of Demeter City at daytime (the usual nighttime shots help to hide wires and mounts in the miniature models used). As proof that Space Precicnt, despite being made in the UK, was being aimed at the American syndication market, the emergency number in the future is seen to be 911, not its British equivalent (999). Steven Berkoff also appeared in the Business As Usual episode of Star Trek: Deep space Nine.

LogBook entry by Earl Green