The Black Adder: 1983
    (Some episodes were shown out of their intended order in the first season; the following lists the order in which the episodes should be seen.)

  1. The Foretelling
  2. Born To Be King
  3. The Archbishop
  4. The Queen Of Spain’s Beard
  5. Witchsmeller Pursuivant
  6. The Black Seal
  7. Blackadder II: 1986

  8. Bells
  9. Head
  10. Potato
  11. Money
  12. Beer
  13. Chains
  14. Blackadder The Third: 1987

  15. Dish and Dishonesty
  16. Ink and Incapability
  17. Nob and Nobility
  18. Sense and Senility
  19. Amy and Amiability
  20. Duel and Duality
  21. Blackadder Goes Forth: 1989

  22. Captain Cook
  23. Corporal Punishment
  24. Major Star
  25. Private Plane
  26. General Hospital
  27. Goodbyeee

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