HRH Prince Charles’ 50th Birthday Gala

BlackadderMay 1680. Lord Edmund Blackadder, Privy Counselor, has been asked to organize a gala to celebrate the 50th birthday of King Charles I. He is disinclined to accept the offer until the King makes it clear it would be dangerous to choose not to accept…

Order the DVDswritten by Ben Elton
director not credited
music by Howard Goodall

Cast: Rowan Atkinson (Lord Edmund Blackadder), Stephen Fry (King Charles I)

Notes: This is the second documented event in the life of this particular Blackadder.  He was previously see in The Cavalier Years towards the end of Charles’ life.

Stephen Fry returns to play Charles again, this time with a lot more Melchett blood in him.

This marks the first time Tony Robinson was not involved in a Blackadder appearance of any kind since the original pilot.

LogBook entry by Philip R. Frey